Friday, April 13, 2012

Collection will close 2012 with event

Rosarito Beach. - A total of 10 bands invited and 11 participants in a talent show, next weekend will close formal massive event for the activities of the 2012 National Collection of Mexican Red Cross in the township.
Will be next Saturday the time of such closing festival on two stages will be located in Rosarito Pavilion Mall, where the activities will start from 10:00 in the morning and will be just over 12 hours which will extend the close of business.

Under exposure Ureña Aaron Zaragoza, Fundraising Coordinator, to media and members of artistic groups, said he carries a 65 percent advance the goal of the National Collection for this year, which is equivalent to just over 600 thousand pesos at the time.

Regarding promotion strategies, has been call for contestants through the Red Cross website Rosarito, in turn receiving wide response stakeholders through social networks and those who participate in the event of closure.

Within the calendar for next April 14, will start with a parade of racing cars "off road" starting from the said business center, travel Boulevard Benito Juárez Ejido Mazatlan, Guerrero Boulevard Bridge Machado and return back to campus.

It is noteworthy that some of the bands are invited Saoko, Tremendos of Baja, Powerslaves Tribute to Iron Maiden, are K-4, Alchemy, among others. Engage further the former contestant on a program of imitation, Gen. Valencia and other local artists more.

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