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If you have ever dreamt of moving to Mexico with thoughts to semi-retire, to wake up in the morning and take in the ocean view…….have breakfast on your balcony……then perhaps view your own online business for an hour or two before going to the pool, if you want to fulfill that dream then we have the answer.
If you're looking for a business that makes sense, a business you could do from anyplace overseas...something that you could work at as much or as little as you want….Mexzotic Silver Jewelry is your answer and your complete solution. We have a ready-made business complete with your own Website and Administration Software, customized for you within 48 hours. This business will enable you to cover your living expenses and supplement your retirement income. You can work your own hours and knock off early whenever you want.
But if you wanted to make more, you certainly could. This could provide a full-time income (and does for hundreds of people)...

Anyone Can Work Overseas – Including You

Many people would love to get their "overseas life" started while they are still young enough to enjoy it. But if you need to keep earning an income, it may seem like there is no way to make this lifestyle happen…...and so it remains a dream.
Don't worry—more and more North Americans have figured out how to balance their lifestyle….!!! You can, too.
Just don't let these "working overseas" myths discourage you. Here are the top two;

Myth #1 - It is difficult for North Americans to work abroad because of visa restrictions.

Most countries around the world are justifiably protective of the jobs their citizens hold. They don’t want a flood of newcomers putting the local population out of work, hence immigration and visa rules and regulations. But there is a loophole…

In most countries, if you do work over the Internet and the money you earn never goes into the local currency and you are (for example) paid in your home country, you can steer clear of the problems you might have if you try to go to work in your new home town.

This is a breakthrough! In most countries, a wide variety of work over the Internet is a "go."

Myth #2 - You have to be a “Technology Guru” or “Salesperson of the Year” to work online.

These days, getting online in most places around the world is fast and easy. But the real question is: "What kind of work do I do online if I’m not an internet wizard?"

The answer is very simple, “Relevance”, select a business that has some purpose for doing so, a reason that matters and makes sense to you. What better business to have if you plan to retire in Mexico…..than a business that promotes Mexican Made Crafts to your family, friends and colleagues back home. A light bulb moment perhaps..!! Yes there are plenty of Mexican Pots, Blankets and Wood Carvings, but all are too big and clumsy to ship. Mexican Silver Jewelry is the answer, it is revered around the world and it is stylish, practical to ship and retains value.

When you start working online you become a citizen of a new world…the online world…and things are a little different. We will guide you and train you through our whole process.

You will have a full time Sales and Marketing Executive work with you to develop your business and we show you how starting an online Jewelry Business is simple AND easy.

What are you waiting for?

YOU can become a Jewelry Importer. Why not secure your place in an International Company and apply for one of our Exclusive Importer Licenses now?

Huge opportunity for the Importation of Mexican Silver Jewelry, No Capital required, No Jewelry Experience required, No Business Experience required, Full Training given, Customized Website, all systems in place and ready to go.

If you have ever wanted to develop, own and operate your very own Internet business, Import Business or Jewelry Business, then now you can combine all three together. If you do not have the financial capacity or you do not want to be way down the food chain in a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) style business, then we have the answer.

Own one of a limited number of exclusive Import Licenses for your Country, manage and operate your very own business where you are the CEO, OWNER and the OPERATOR.

Jewelry is a fun and exciting industry, it is mature, genuine and credible. Enjoy growing a business, making money and being your own boss all at the same time. Put simply it is a nice, friendly and stress free industry in which to own a business.

We take care of supplying the product lines and negotiating silver prices on your behalf. We have over 5000 Silver Jewelry Items available at manufactured cost, at any one time, with three unique collections. We add new and exciting Jewelry products every month including monthly specials for Members and coupon code discounts for Customers. The Website, Administration software and shopping cart have all been developed for you.

We are now granting a limited number of Importer Licenses for this Internet business and the cost of this Import License is just US$1,000 per year with no other up-front or set-up fees or on-going fees. Your very own business and your own website will then be customized for you. You are guaranteed of no hidden or on-going costs and no percentage of profits to pay back, all profits are yours to keep 100%.

To fully understand this business opportunity;
  • You will own ONE of a limited number of available Import Licenses for the country of your choosing.
  • You will be the OWNER of the Import Business.
  • Your Import License includes the ability to recruit Distributors and Resellers anywhere in the world, to receive monthly fees and sales profit from them. We do all the work in fulfilling their orders and supporting them.
  • All monthly income from Members, profit from sales and bonus credits will be paid into your nominated bank account in any country.
  • All orders will be processed and fulfilled by our support team, you do not need to hold huge inventory levels or invest huge amounts of capital.
  • You will enjoy full technical and administration support from us.
  • The Support we offer will include accepting orders through your web site, processing & fulfilling those orders on your behalf, as well as full 24 hour on-line support.
  • Average income can rise steadily to around US$10,000 per month after the first year depending on how much time you want to devote to your very own business.
  • This business can be part-time initially and develop into a full time role if you choose.
  • You will have your very own internet domain on the World Wide Web.
  • You will have full access and control to the Administration Software that will allow you to do the following functions;
1.    Allow new Members to join and pay on-line fully automated.
2.    Automated electronic Merchant Account.
3.    Generate welcome letter to new Members - fully automated.
4.    Generate payment receipt to Member - fully automated.
5.    View new and existing Members Profile.
6.    Management of Member accounts.
7.    View Members orders and order history.
8.    View earned Sales Profit & Credits.
9.    Search feature by ID number, Member or date.
10.Customized Web Site feature.
  • Build your Import Business and sell it at market value once established or keep it for residual monthly income.
  • Great for either, existing MLM style customer that has existing customer base, busy executive that wants to earn additional income or retiree to boost retirement fund OR just someone looking for a much better way of life...!!
Distributor and Reseller opportunities are also available starting at $9.95 per month.

Simply CLICK BELOW to receive further information.

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