Monday, August 27, 2012

Arizona, Saudi Arabia & Mexico?

Mark Brown Shares His Mexico Experience

Mark Brown a resident of Saudi Arabia and Scottsdale, Arizona has recently purchased property in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.  This short 10 minute video shares Mark’s thoughts and experiences in purchasing this property in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

He touches on many of the questions most westerners have when purchasing in Mexico... Why Mexico? Is it safe? Where in Mexico Should I purchase? What real estate agent/agency should I choose?

We hope you enjoy this short video from Mark Brown on purchasing property in Mexico.

Here are some additional Mexico informational links and resources:
La Jolla Real La Jolla Condominium Development is situated on the beachfront facing the Pacific Ocean and located only 25 miles South of San Diego, California; it offers luxury living at an affordable price. Its four towers of condos, villas and penthouses each offer 180-degree unobstructed views of the Ocean with an exclusive beach cove with private access, beautiful landscaping, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, unobstructed ocean views, clubhouse and gym, tennis court, private 24 hour security, and many other world-class amenities.

To see units listed for Sale at La Jolla please visit:

Why Mexico? Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it is a fantastic place in which to live. The reasons are many but a few are the beaches, the weather, the food, the fun… but most of all the culture. When you arrive in Mexico you will be greeted by warm and friendly people that welcome you to their country and hope that you will enjoy yourself while you are there. As you travel through the country you will find that each city has its own personality and you will probably find a few favorites that you will want to return to visit and one that you will want to call home.

Why Baja?
The News Tells you TO BE AFRAID OF BAJA MEXICO! Baja Mexico is a dangerous place! You would be crazy to travel to Baja Mexico. Who do you believe? Even your friends tell you not to go to Baja Mexico...but how many of them have been here lately? Would the Media LIE TO YOU ABOUT BAJA MEXICO? Are our friends telling you the truth? IF you are READY for the truth and want to see the Baja Mexico that I have lived in for the last 6 years then watch this video.

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