Tuesday, September 11, 2012


IS THE AMERICAN DREAM HEADING SOUTH FOR THE BORDER? This week we are featuring different articles that talk about why the American Dream could be headed south.

Manufacturing in Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is the worlds 4th largest auto exporter and within three years is planning to boost their auto manufacturing output to 1 million vehicles per year?  That might not seem like that big of a deal but to Mexico that is a 38% increase to what they are currently producing.  Mexico is on track to hit a record high of $400b in exports this year.   That's billion with a “B”

As Mexico continues to be a better choice for manufacturing companies like Mazda, Nissan, Audi have made announcements that they will be opening new plants in Mexico.  I am including a link to an article that talks about how Mexico beat out the U.S. for the new Audi plant
Mexico is on the fast track to take the 3rd spot away for Korea as the world’s biggest exporter after Germany and Japan. Mexico is attracting as much as $20 to $25 billion a year in foreign investment and this looks like it could be the norm for the next 5 to 7 years

U.S. Federal Contracts headed south for the border

Recent Cuts to the U.S. defense budget could mean the loss of 31,000 jobs which could be a big hit to california.  The defense contractors are looking for a way to minimize cost without cutting jobs while still complying with federal programs.

So the U.S. defense companies are going to get together to come up with  “Bi-National Manufacturing Competitiveness Strategies”

The idea of Bi National manufacturing is an attractive option due to the fact that manufacturers could save up to 50%-65% in cost.

Has anyone heard of CaliBaja?

CaliBaja is the first of its kind federal grant to bring together business and government leaders on both sides of the border.  

What if feels like is happening here is we have two countries trying to come together so that they can compete in a global market. 
As more U.S. corporations  and federal contractors head south to Mexico to take advantage of the low cost of manufacturing  as well as shipping the more opportunity these two countries will have to compete in a global business market

This Calibaja initiative is something to keep your eye on because if and when this takes off this could be a very big deal for this region as it becomes a hotspot for business to set up shop.

Here is a quote from the V.P. of Suntron Rod Gunther:

"Operating in Calibaja Megaregion with NAFTA, companies don't have to deal with taxes, tariffs and all regulations that you have when you are located overseas in Asia."

Celebrities in Mexico

It seems like when celebrities are not busy shooting films they are speeding a lof of their down time over here in Mexico.  Names like Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, LeAnn Rimes, Kardashians, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani, Ashley Simpson, Jessica Biel, Pink, Eva Longoria; okay I think you get the picture...so next time you call us and ask us “is Mexico Safe?” we are going to tell you...


Mexico, land of opportunity for qualified young Spaniards

It seems  with Spain’s incredible 24% overall unemployment rate and  its 53% unemployment rate for people under 25,  Mexico is turning out to be the land of opportunity with only a 4.8% unemployment rate in its workforce.

In the opinion of OCC public relations director Fernando Calderon, the Mexican labor market offers a lot of opportunities in a country where a dynamic private business sector continues to spur the country's economic growth.

According this article It took just 15 days for Rodrigo Gil, 24, a sound specialist  to find work in one of the best companies in Mexico.

Many qualified Spaniards in search of a better future are setting their sights on Mexico, whose economic prospects remain positive despite the global slowdown..

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