Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Latest News about your local Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito

The Latest News about your local
Boys and Girls Club of Rosarito
By Gil Sperry

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, we recently concluded a very successful Campamento de Verano (Summer Camp) session at the newly renovated Casa Club facility. Our next program, the five-week Campamento de Invierno (Winter Camp), is now ready to begin operation at the same site. Here's the necessary information

When: November 7th through December 14th, 2012, weekdays from 1: 30 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Casa Club...enter through the arch labeled 'Rosarito Shores' which is the next possible right turn south of the main entrance to the Rosarito Beach Hotel

What: Assistance with completing homework assignments followed by organized activities which will include:
arts & crafts, basketball, computers, English, football, music, racquetball, reading, soccer, etc.

How much: A total of 300 pesos ($25) for the five-week program...just $5 US /week

Our greatest immediate need is for volunteers to complete the staffing for the upcoming session. Please contact Rosy Torres, the Club President, for all the information, at:

In case you are unfamiliar with the success of the Boys and Girls Club in regards to academic education, here are two statistics from the parent organization in the U.S.A. that will give you some food-for-thought: 90% of Club alumni earn a high school diploma. Three out of ten kids who do NOT attend a B&GC will not graduate on time. The education crisis affecting children south-of-the-border, with many schools on split-session, reduced hour, schedules is even more acute. Working together, Mexican national and expatriate volunteers can make a huge difference.

The critically important non-school hours, when children are not at home or in school, is when most problems begin. You can help deliver the life-changing programs...including educational and career-focused initiatives...
that our adopted country's youth need to stay on track.

If, for some reason, you can not volunteer at this time, please send Rosy your contact information and tell her about your availability for future sessions in 2013. You may also wish to make a donation NOW to the Club de Ninos y Ninas Seccion Rosarito through the organization's website:

Remember: you can provide a needy and willing student with a scholarship for just $25. We can't think of a more meaningful holiday gift for a local at-risk child.


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