Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Binational little league players - lesson taught

Binational little league players - lesson taught

For the first time in the LLWS two teams from two different countries separated by less than 20 miles have been crowned Champions of the US and Champions of Mexico in the history of Little League world series competition dating back to 1947. What pride to both regions, what an accomplishment!

Tijuana's little leaguer have brought far more positive attention and media reporting not only in the United States, but throughout the world doing so from the Eastern half of the U.S. A region where either Tijuana has never been heard of or its people treated to a constant barrage of sensationalist negative media coverage.

For years now, no one in Tijuana and indeed all of Baja California has been able to put the spotlight on Tijuana in such a positive way. These young folks have with their bats and gloves placed Tijuana in the world stage and in the process winning the admiration of all the millions throughout the world who saw their talent and sportsmanship.

A city with such champions, it will now be said, must be a great city. Tijuana a city where its citizens have pride, care about their community and a great place to raise children and convert them champions.

The young men of Eastlake in Chula Vista have once again brought pride to the community as in the last four years they have fielded teams that have won the U.S. Little League Championship and placed first and second in the LLWS - what an accomplishment!

But more than that is the new world recognition that Chula Vista is at the border with Tijuana and a bond between the tow is enduring and unbreakable as one great binational region.

Both communities also taught a major lesson in the world stage - people of differing race and ethnicity can and do live together with pride and respect for one another sharing the same values.

Bravo young men, you have become teachers and we your elders your students.

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