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Ron Sharp, a man for all seasons

Volume LXII, Number 205 August, 16-31, 2013
Ron Sharp, a man for all seasons
by Jack George

If there is ever a contest in Baja to select a person who best volunteers his/her time and services to charities, clubs, and organizations, then 
Ron Sharpe will be at the top of the list.

Ron has had an extraordinary life. He was born and raised in Australia. He later moved to Europe, followed by Israel and the United States, and he has called Rosarito his home since 1986. He says that when he moved to different countries he studied the area, determined what was needed in the community, and then created a business to meet these needs. The same was true in Mexico. When he first moved here he founded the MIMIC (Made in Mexico Infinitely Cheaper) Factory. After years of successfully operating this acrylic operation he sold the business.

Ron said that photography has been a part of his life since he was a young man. He estimates he has as many as 30,000 of the photographs he has taken throughout the world. His attraction to photography, along with his knowledge, helped to create a new business for him in Rosarito. A few years back, he opened the Photo Art Gallery located at Blvd. Benito Juarez #890.

Ron has definitely established himself within the Baja community. He is particularly popular amongst the numerous charities and other organizations in Rosarito where he freely gives of his time to photograph the numerous events. These range from fashion shows to the installation of officers in an organization. He actually started doing this voluntary photo work while he still owned MIMIC. Ron volunteers to do the photography work for a number of organizations including: Cruz Roja, the Flying Samaritans, the Rosarito Theatre Guild, DIF, the Rosarito Boys and Girls Club, and the USBC. He says he is always open to assist other groups in need of his services.

During a recent ceremony offered by Cruz Roja, former president Elma Sotomayor was honored for her years of service. Ron was rushing around the event taking pictures. He said this might have been the most interesting moment of his career when he suddenly heard his name called. He yelled out that he could not meet with the group as he was shooting pictures. Once again the voice rang out, "Ron, we want you upfront." Ron obliged, stepped on stage, and he was presented with a plaque that reads, in part, "Cruz Roja honors Ron Sharpe in appreciation for his many years of generous artistic and enthusiastic support of our organization and the events we sponsor." This is one of many awards he has received, during his years of offering his professional photography services in the community.

Ron Sharpe & Elma Sotomayor

Ron said, "This is a way of me feeling I am giving something back to the community. I don't want to show off. I just feel if all of us can help with different groups then we are contributing. I believe if one is fortunate enough to have three meals a day then we should be able to help others. It is a great feeling of being able to give back to the community as well as help the people the best we can." Ron said, through the years, he has never turned down an invitation to do photography for a group. He said this would only happen if there was a scheduling conflict.

Ron has one project, in the future, that he is very excited about. He belongs to a Rosarito group named Bajavurah. The group recently adopted one of his suggestions which will be to offer different films to be shown during various meetings. These are all movies he has collected featuring films from Israel, the Middle East, Jerusalem, and so forth. Each film is an educational project, such as "God in America." Ron hopes that this project will increase membership, particularly attracting some younger members, while helping those attending to gain a clearer understanding of various aspects of their culture.

Ron truly is a man of all seasons. As an owner of many businesses, the owner of many patents, an aggressive tennis player, and a talented photographer - each new season brings him new ideas along with a burst of energy that one must see to believe.

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