Monday, September 23, 2013

Calexico Baja Runners clean up Nosotros Park

CALEXICO — The Calexico Baja Runners were hard at work Saturday morning beautifying Nosotros Park with the help of volunteers.
“This is a fairly new park and it is already getting destroyed by graffiti,” said Mauricio Magallanes, public relations officer for the Calexico Baja Runners.
Their efforts to clean up the park come as a result of their participation in the area’s “Adopt a Park” program. For the next two years the Baja Runners will work on cleaning up the park and are hoping that the community will help them in maintaining it.
“It’s very important to keep our parks clean,” said Javier Gonzalez, president of Kennedy Gardens Neighborhood House Graffiti and Resident Council. “It’s the first thing people see when they come into a city.”
Gonzalez said he was glad to see the Baja Runners step up to the challenge by bringing the community together and helping to make the park a cleaner more enjoyable experience for residents.
With a little paint and cleaning up the park has a lot of potential, said Arnold Brown, member of Calexico Baja Runners.
Joe Garcia, member of the Calexico Baja Runners, said he took the opportunity to bring his son to the park cleanup. It is a good experience to share with children, he said.
“I hope he learns that it’s always good to help others and hopefully this experience will teach him good values as he gets older,” Garcia said of his son.
As the Baja Runners swept, hosed down the basketball court and painted over a few areas marred by graffiti, Mayor Bill Hodge shared his appreciation to the club.
“This is what community outreach is all about, “said Hodge.

Hodge elaborated by saying he hopes the city can help the club purchase paint to clear up the graffiti because it is not only the club’s responsibility but the city’s as well.

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