Monday, September 9, 2013

Cleveland man will race Baja 1000

Like most thrill seekers, Cleveland's Mike Inglis has a bucket list. He's checked off a few like his go as a stand up comic but at the top of his bucket list is no laughing matter. Inglis will race in this year's Baja 1000.
The world's most grueling and unforgiving off road race. 1,000 miles non-stop through the heart of Mexico. Roughly 65 percent of those who start the race, don't finish.
Inglis said, "very good racers have died in this race. That's one of the things that attracted me to Baja. It's not easy, it's a challenge in so many ways."
While it attracted him, the danger put off others, "when I made that decision I went to all of my friends and other races and 90 percent of them, their response was, please don't do this," said Inglis.
To his knowledge only two others from the Tennessee Valley have entered the Baja 1000. They made it 700 miles and that was a two man team. Mike will do it alone. He's completed four 24 hour races over the years and says that along with a strict training regimen has him ready for green.
"My training program is relentless. I know that out there when fatigue sets in that's when you make mistakes. Losing your focus for 30 seconds can have very bad consequences," said Inglis.
1,000 miles, no sleep, little food and alone. Get the permanent marker out Mike Inglis is set to check another of his bucket list, "when the helmet goes on, the bike starts and the green flag drops. All bets are off."
Mike is still trying to raise money to make his dream come true, if you'd like to help

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