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Fall has begun, and Baja is once again vibrant with events from tip to toe. The entire peninsula seems to be celebrating the arrival of the new season.
In the north, there’s the Fiesta del Sol and a Tequila Expo, while down south in Cabo, Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments are set for this month.
For San Diegans, it’s just a short drive south of the border to the Puerto Nuevo Lobster Fest and a Culinary Fest in Tijuana.
Hundreds of local events for everyone can be found at The following are some of our favorite selections for October.
Note: Event dates and details are subject to sudden change or cancellation. Please confirm with event organizers before booking your trip.
Fiestas del Sol Mexicali
When: Sept. 27 to Oct. 13
This is one of the biggest fairs in the northwest part of the country. It has concerts, food, art and a kids’ zone.
Cost: $3 to $5
13th Expo Tequila Tijuana
When: Oct. 9-13
Now in its 13th season, this event offers traditional Mexican food, tequila tasting and the unique opportunity to learn about this Mexican liquor from the most famous tequila producers and experts.
Cost: $6
Second Baja California Culinary Fest
When: Oct. 24-27
The event will focus on cuisine from the region of Sinaloa. It’s open to the public, to cooking students and professionals. Plans include demonstrations by chefs and sommeliers, plus cooking contests, conferences, and dinners.
Cost: Varies
21st Lobster Fest in Puerto Nuevo
When: Oct. 13
The Lobster Fest is a traditional family event that has been celebrated for more than 20 years. Puerto Nuevo is the famous lobster town of Baja, located just 45 minutes south of San Diego.
Cost: $28
Los Cabos
Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments
When: Oct. 18-26
Los Cabos hosts two back-to-back fishing tournaments this month: the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, Oct. 18-20, and Bisbee’s Black and Blue, Oct. 22-26. The latter has been called the world’s richest fishing event, with millions of dollars in prizes.
Cost: Entry fees are $1,500 and up

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