Friday, October 18, 2013

Why invest in the Baja California Real Estate market

Real Estate market of Baja California, Mexico has gone through some important changes since the United States financial crisis of 2007–2009. Mexico and the United States have always been close economically tied neighbors. There is an old saying: “when America sneezes Mexico gets a cold” that holds some true in it. However this has proven to be a great opportunity for some economic areas of Baja California and the whole country. Mexican authorities have been doing a very good job, by improving many infrastructures like highways, roads and airports to take care of the new challenges envisioned.
Most of these enhancements happen to be noticed everywhere in the whole Baja California Peninsula, although we can not say that the real estate market is booming, we can definitely say that it appears to have been showing clear signs of recovery in many areas. Tourism experienced a breakdown and has started to recover in some areas as well, and violence in Baja California is decreasing rapidly. Obviously, Mexico is a very large country and cannot be regarded as all bad, and many foreigners (not only from the United States) are finding that there are many safe and wonderful places to live, retire, work and invest in Mexico, like Baja California.
The most current census statistics from 2010 show that almost one million Americans were living in Mexico, with a big percentage of those in the two states that compose the peninsula of Baja California. A fundamental change we have noticed in the Baja California Real Estate market is that Baja is not only considered for a second vacation home, but its also being considered as a primary residence for those who wish to retire or relocate to Baja for the new business possibilities that do seem to be available.
In the past, the majority of properties bought by Americans and Canadians were not for year round residency and this does seem to be changing. There is still a great deal of inventory in most areas of Baja as many people that have second homes here are selling due to the slowed economy keeping the prices down for now and creating a greater opportunity for those wishing to invest in Baja now.
If you are interested in investing in the Real Estate Market of Baja California or looking for beachfront property in Baja at this time or in the near future then the main question is…. where? The where has to be considered as not only what geographically spot of Baja but also as what kind of neighborhood or community within Baja California you desire to buy property or invest?
Bello Horizonte is 100% ecological community located 30 miles south of San Felipe with 128 beachfront lots available from $15,000 dlls. If you like to know more about this community you can visit or give us a call at (619) 796-4198

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