Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AMF Music Festival Breaks Boundaries

The All My Friends Music Festival is calling all indie-music hipster fans south of the border to Tijuana for a full lineup of cutting edge acts. The festival's trinity: Argenis Garcia, Pablo Dodero and Marty Preciado have organized an innovative music festival that promises to break down borders by bringing together 30 music acts from Europe, Latin America, California and Tijuana under one roof on three different stages.

“We want to eradicate the notion of a border separating us,” Preciado says. “Through music and art, we can bring down borders and come closer through our passions.”

Last year was their first stab at booking bands from the U.S. This year's fourth edition of AMF has tapped into Europe's music scene by including the cheeky Estonian-born experimental pop artist, Maria Minerva. She recently tweeted, “Officially poor, got my first pair of shoes from Payless, got no kitchen, next purchase either raw food and/or Ja Rule's microwave cookbook.” How can you not love her? Minerva will definitely fit in with Tijuana's equally cheeky hipster crowd.

The punk Tijuanese will be in full mosh with Calafia Puta, Teenage Kicks, Biocrisis, Walle and Bonebreaker. Los Angeles alt-indie bands include, Deep Magic, Matthew Sullivan, and Geddes Gengras. Two ridiculously talented EDM artists to look out for are LAO and DJ Smurphy from Mexico City. If you're looking for the latest buzz band in Chile's music scene, check out Ases Falsos headlining at La Puerta stage.

AMF will also feature the innovators in Baja's Latin alternative music scene with Ibi Ego, Celofan, Ramona, Rancho Shampoo, Letters From Readers, Siete Catorce and Electric Healing Sound.

“We think they represent whats going on in Latin America, Europe, California and Tijuana, as far as independent music goes,” says Garcia.

“Every year comes with new challenges, we have to keep reorganizing and reinventing ourselves. As the music spectrum in our region keeps growing, including more genres is something we have enhanced this year to keep up with the needs of the festival.”

AMF is a promising leader in indie music festivals, not only in Tijuana, but for all of Mexico. Grab your backpack, park in San Ysidro, and grab a cab into Tijuana to experience high doses of transcultural, bilingual musical exchanges at Casa de la Cultura on Nov. 16. For complete lineup and performance times visit: AMF Music Festival.


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