Monday, November 4, 2013

Baja Rally Massively Successful in Inaugural 2013 Event

The Baja Rally for motorcycles attracted big name racers Larry Roeseler, Quinn Cody & Andy Grider to Mexico to test their skill at the first ever navigation based adventure race in picturesque Baja CA. Unlike traditional off road racing, rally riders use no maps, GPS or course markings and because the course is secret, the playing field is more level and adds to the excitement of the outcome. 

Ensenada, Baja Ca, Mexico (PRWEB) October 31, 2013
The Inaugural Baja Rally motorcycle ended in Baja CA’s seaside town of San Quintin on the sand dunes of the Santa Maria Hotel and has been deemed a full success with all riders accounted for and safe. Baja racing champion and 5-time Dakar Rally entrant Andy Grider (#36) won the title for the first ever navigation-based rally-raid staged in Baja CA with Cameron Steele and Chilly White rounding out the podium. Dakar vet and off road champion Quinn Cody (#39) enjoyed a comfortable lead from the first mile of the rally until his engine blew up only 10 miles from the finish line.
The Baja Rally is the first navigation-based rally raid held in Baja CA and is being warmly welcomed by Mexican authorities and hosts looking for new and interesting events in Baja where newly introduced visitors can take time to learn the varying cultures of Baja’s diverse landscapes. Baja Rally creator Scotty Breauxman deemed the event at smashing success and credited local hosts, sponsors and his team with pulling off what may mark a turning point for off road racing in Baja.
"The Baja Rally is a traveling, cultural event that transcends traditional off road racing and the true spirit of the outdoor sporting adventure", describes Breauxman, "The nature of our rally is more cerebral and less chaotic than what we are used to in Baja. This elevates the level of safety we can provide in delivering this cultural experience for everyone."
Baja Rally 2.0 in May 2014 hopes to parlay the successes of the inaugural Baja Rally to deliver the most adventurous and scenic rider experience possible while utilizing unique safety systems to protect participants, officials, support teams, hosts and spectators. The Baja Rally is designed entirely around the rider experience so there is an opportunity to create a course that paints a visual picture and tells a story through the changing altitudes, weather and dynamic terrain.

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