Friday, April 27, 2012

Grupo Madrugadores Rosarito Honor Sister Clare

In 1986 the first designation of the title “Forjador del Año” (Creator of the Year) was extended to a Rosarito citizen for outstanding community service.

On Wednesday, March 28, the Grupo Madrugadores distinguished Sister M. Clare Manhart with the title ""Forjador del Año 2011" for her altruistic work helping people in need in Rosarito Beach.
In 1980, Sister of Mercy Ruth Hotz started providing education for children and adults in Rosarito, in 2002 Sister Clare Manhart came to collaborate in the project. 

Sisters of Mercy mission is to give shelter to homeless people, teach the ignorant, care for the sick, the anguished, welcome the stranger and act in harmony and interdependence with all of creation.
The Sisters of Mercy have been supporting more than 500 children with 2 sets of uniforms and shoes. They have been teaching courses and free workshops, distributing clothes, shoes, household items, blankets and furniture donated by supporters of the movement,and helping people in need with medical assistance (paying the cost of surgeries, cancer treatments, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.) In this work they collaborate with the Flying Samaritans. 

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