Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Madame Ur and his men in the 6th Festival of Jazz

For the sixth time, the Jazz Festival Chinto rosarito Mendoza arrives on Friday 20 April, to delight fans of the genre with the introduction of Madame Ur and his men.
Comprised Azzul Monraz on vocals, Rafael "Toto" Zuniga on bass, Carlos Maria on drums and Joel Castillo on piano, Madame Ur and his men interpret a homogeneous mixture of blues, jazz, rock and pop fine, which hand the unique voice and personality Monraz, atmospheres reaches very close to cabaret or burlesque.

Possessing a powerful voice that reaches the standard of the jazz singer, takes Monraz Azzul on stage personality of Madame Ur, intense woman, sensual and playful melodrama with great expressiveness to his men, leading to public roads where fascination and joy to the senses are involved.

This quartet is characterized by its intensity and passion to play and improvise in their live concerts. Their sound is a mix of cabaret, jazz and pop as passionate very passionate and sometimes takes forms of melancholy trip hop or rock itself.

Extremes in music and sadness dense din, the quartet aims to create an atmosphere of elegance and decadence on the stage between music, lighting, clothing and attitude dramatically.

The ICBC invites you to enjoy this great festival, in which is one of the largest in the state. The event is this Friday April 20 at the Forum of CEMAC at 20:00 and admission is free.

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