Tuesday, October 23, 2012

House Hunters Filming In Mexico

House Hunters International is showcasing Mexico again!!!

As real estate prices have seem to hit bottom and are now slowly rising Baja123.com cannot seem to keep up with all the good news about Mexico.
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House Hunters International is once again on location in Loreto Bay in Baja California Sur, apparently shooting for another episode based in the resort town on the Sea of Cortez. According to this blog, a small film crew of three was spotted just weeks ago interviewing a husband and wife who are re-locating to the area for new jobs. The episode should airs some time next year.
HGTV was last here about four years ago, when they shot “Baja Bound,” featuring the Brown family from Carlsbad who were looking for a home by the bay.
For Loreto, the exposure on the show is helpful for generating interest in the area, and driving tourism.
Recently, the House Hunter International series was renewed for 91 episodes, bringing the total to almost 600 episodes since 2009.
As many who have followed Stark Insider over the years already know, we took the plunge, and started our Baja adventure here in the little fishing town of Loreto in 2006. Back then it was all a dream. The builder envisioned an eco-friendly development that would emerge from miles of desert. 5,000 homes! But, that was then. One bankruptcy later, and Loreto Bay has now come to life, albeit as a (thankfully) more humble resort. Walkable paths, low-rise construction, and a seaside location are hallmarks of the 2012 version of Loreto Bay.

Full Article here http://www.starkinsider.com/2012/10/hgtv-house-hunters-international-filming-episode-loreto-baybaja-california-sur.html

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