Friday, August 16, 2013

A Trip to Mexico – Baja California

California destination with beautiful beaches and delicious lobster, which can be enjoyed all year round. Rosarito Beach, Baja California. The safe side of Mexico. Where trouble isn’t really a problem like what you have heard and read in the past.

From the moment you hit the road towards Rosarito Beach, in the state of Baja California, the adventure is felt just by looking at the spectacular landscapes found along the highway all the short trip about 30 miles away. Talk about photo ops. Just pull off the side of the road and shoot.
The town of Rosarito Beach has, per capita the best fresh fish and seafood anywhere. Especially lobster.
This location by the sea has non-stop, tourism vitality, becoming a spot where relaxing, having fun and the beach combine to delight visitors.
Fishing, surfing, horseback riding, flying ultra-light aircraft or just taking a sun bath, are some of the activities available on the beachside or on the Pacific waters.
You can travel a short distance and discover about 70 Mexican wineries. Yes wineries. The wines coming from this Guadalupe Valley is fantastic. Be prepared to taste many of these Mexican wines in the US soon.

Unforgettable Flavors

To spoil our palate in Baja, one only need to travel south less than an hour or to where an unforgettable gastronomical experience with Mexican flavors and tastes can be found. Meats, fish, seafood and cheese are the main ingredients for the dishes served throughout the region; and among them, one can find great lobster, whose popular preparation is unique. It is served with melted butter, rice, beans and freshly made flour tortillas, and it is complemented well with a glass of Baja California wine.
There are also restaurants obviously serving Mexican as well as international dishes, and some of them offer specialties prepared with deer, quail and lots of lamb as well.
After satisfying the palate, you can a take a stroll around this small friendly community. Along the way, one will find some merchants selling local crafts, which become beautiful mementos of this destination. Horseback riding on the beach is very popular. No fear from cartel or other unscrupulous individuals. It’s clean with lots of fresh air and relaxing.

Movie Magic

The “Baja Studios” (remember the movie Titanic?) are located only a few miles from Rosarito Beach, and about an hour south of San Diego, United States. Built between 1996 and 1997 for the filming of the movie Titanic, they house several tanks for aquatic filming. Movies such as and more recently, “Little Boy” have been filmed in these studios.

Along Routes

Rosarito Beach is part of the “Baja Golden Coast”, which offers a trip full of adrenaline and fun thanks to the multiple activities available in the entire area, where boating and surfing is among the main ones; however, Ensenada also hosts the famous Baja 1000 auto race and fairs and chili competitions.

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