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Is Ensenada the Anti Aging Center of Mexico

A therapy that has become quite popular within our culture with other products on the market is anti-aging. This therapy that the facility offers includes a mix of nutrition and HGH. By bringing back hormones at an earlier level, the aging process is slow.
Anti aging is the reward of a healthy lifestyle. Feeling great having energy and being positive shows. It starts from within to refeclt in the skin. While some may consider the traditional method of treatments for many illnesses and diseases, there are always side effects in the medicines that they offer. Holistic approaches to healthcare, which can be found in Ensenada Wellness Institute, has attracted many by their vision, what they do, and the different kinds of treatments that they offer for their patients. 

The Ensenada Wellness Institute Vision

The vision of the institute is respectable and ensures that this facility will stay on top of gain. With a promise to continuously build the institution, Ensenada Wellness strives to consistently improve on its values. This will allow the community as a whole to fully acknowledge them as the best health program that practices alternative medicine which will improve the quality of life for the patient. 

The Main Functions of Ensenada Wellness

Ensenada Wellness Institute has some main functions that they partake in when treating their patients. One of these is to have a facility that allow for natural healthcare. While every doctor and healthcare profession has a facility, they all differ in some aspect. At this institute, the facility is designed primarily to allow for holistic treatment. 

Choices are important to the patient as well. While at some offices, some physicians might give one or two options or just say that a certain treatment is the only way, Ensenada allows for the consumer to have the choice when picking their holistic and natural treatment. This is ideal to for patients who want options in their healthcare. 

One of the main goals of this facility is improve quality of life for all patients. They do this by removing diseases and symptoms, as well as taming them. This is all done by experienced, licensed staff. Within a clean, beautiful, and specialized setting it can be rest assured that patient care is the most important aspect to this holistic wellness center. 

Professional and moral codes of ethics are expected to be followed. This is guaranteed with this facility especially when it comes to the patients. All confidentiality of the patients is upheld, giving reassurance that nothing will be released without prior consent. 

This holistic approach strives to allow the patient a choice in what treatment they partake in. This can be done either on its own or dually with a prescribed treatment by another doctor. With all the choices being up to the patient, they have the benefit of choosing what is best for them. Ensenada Wellness will offer them a holistic, or drug free approach, to handling any ailment. 

Some doctors at regular medical offices sometimes try not to encourage their patients to get a second opinion. This facility on the other hand, welcomes and urges the patient to become fully aware of what their options are and to look for a professional second opinion. This can sometimes lead to the awareness of misdiagnosis, but as well allows them to fully know what their options are. This facility when giving out the information on holistic approaches to these diseases, aims to provide hope when normal medicine failed to work. 

The most important work that Ensenada Wellness participates in is for the patients specifically. With innovative therapies, their aim is to treat the illnesses and diseases that plague their patients. With the overall goal of health and wellness for all, their therapies are numerous and beneficial. 

Innovative Treatments Offered

The treatment plans they offer are numerous and used for many different ailments. One such therapy is oxidative. This can include h302 and ozone therapies. By elevating the oxygen content in the blood and tissues of the body through a process called oxygenation, a great amount of conditions can be treated. Some of these conditions include cancer, problems with circular functions, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, and infections. 

Infusions of vitamin C are another treatment offered by Ensenada. With vitamin C being known to make the immune system stronger, this is treatment that can be great for infections. Along with infections though, this treatment may be good for some who have certain forms of cancer. This is primarily because the infusion has been seen to destroy select cancerous cells. 

Therapies offered at Ensenada include detoxification. This can get rid of likely illness causing substances in general. This therapy is used for overall health as it helps to improve the immune system. Other uses for this treatment can include fasting and colonics. 

A therapy that has become quite popular within our culture with other products on the market is anti-aging. This therapy that the facility offers includes a mix of nutrition and HGH. By bringing back hormones at an earlier level, the aging process is slowed when Osteoporosis is concerned. The therapy as well, allows for an increase in the bone, muscle, memory, libido, and energy. 

For those with heart disease, chelation therapy is an option offered by this facility. This treatment when performed will clear arteries from the metals and plaque that build up inside. This will in return increase blood flow, making the heart healthier. 

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle, Ensenada offers exercise programs. This is ideal for those who truly want to get in shape or lose weight. With a customized plan made by a licensed Exercise Physiologist, goals can be met to achieve the health and wellness wanted in daily life. 

Pain management at a regular physician’s office can include pain meds. At this wellness center, with the focus being drug free, there is a laser and frequency therapy. For those who have pain, especially chronic pain this can be a great choice, as the therapy is designed for pain management. 

A service that is offered is cosmetic care. There is a wide range of what can be done at this facility for the body in a holistic approach. Some of the services provided include Botox, skin care, and facial peels. They also provide services to treat skin cancer and many more ailments, such as hair restoration and removal. 

Ensenada’s chromo therapy offers benefits for those who suffer from any level of stress. With this therapy, colors are used to reduce the stress and ultimately create a better harmony in one’s emotional state. This can be highly beneficial if high stress is a problem in one’s life. 

Another therapy provided by this facility is chiropractic services. Adjusting the spine, if there are malfunctions allows for the spinal cord and nerves to be straightened allowing for proper alignment. When this proper alignment is obtained the body is able to cope with disabilities and disease better. This is ideal for those with scoliosis and spine related issues especially. 

Why Choose Ensenada Wellness Institute?

Ensenada’s Wellness facility focuses on a holistic approach, abandoning normal approaches to medicine. With this alternative view to medicine, they offer a variety of different treatments for the ultimate health and well-being of each patient that walks through their door. If more information would like to be obtained, it can be reached by contacting them by phone at +52 (646)175.36.07 or by looking them up online.

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